Look for your new family member here on this page. On my website, the Micro is the smallest and Teacup is a little larger. Probably a 20 lb. difference when full-grown.

The Pricing includes neuters for the males, microchip, health certificate, kennel, and shipping. For females the spay is $200 extra. Please contact me for the price if you can come pick your baby up.

Joyce    Micro       $1295.00         040724

Jamie     Micro    $1295.00        040724

James      “Micro”         $1295.00               040724

Barnie  tongue-out     Micro       $1295.00         011724

Landon       Micro     $1295.00                         041024

Logan       Micro      $1295.00     041724

Black micro pig female

  Annie       Micro          $1295.00      041024

micro pig black with white socks

Ashton     Micro     $1295.00      041024.

spotted micro male piglet

 Alex     Micro         $1295.00        041024

micro pig female black

 Ashley               Micro           $1295.00              041024

Luna         Micro      $1295.00     041724

   Lovie       Micro       $1295.00                   041724

Garrett      Micro      $1295.00      042124

Georgie     Micro        $1295.00       042124

Grant       Micro       $1295.00                          042124

Grayson         Micro      $1295.00                           042124

Jackson       Micro         $1295.00     040124

All sales are final. No refunds: I guarantee my piglets’ general health for 30 days and a lifetime for genetic issues and your piglet will be replaced if something unfortunate happens. However, for any other reason, there will be no refunds or replacements.